We know your time is important, that's why we put together this nice little kit. Our bait fits right into the cup on this 357 trap. Pick one up...set and go right back to your favorite show. Only the bravest of you can still eat their popcorn.

-Model 357 Rat Trap -

Most traps will do the trick but you might prefer less chance of taking off your finger. Our trap is easy to set. None of that messing around under the kill bar. It also has a convenient bait cup.

Can't catch that pack rat? Try Ratnip Nuggets on any glue board.  Tempt that pesky little critter into stepping on the center of that sticky mat. (Also for use in our easy set, model 357, rat trap.)

Ratnip Gel is the perfect solution to the age old question of what you should use to bait a rat or mouse trap. Without the use of poisons, our bait lures even the pickiest of rodents right to any snap trap, glue board or live trap. (We recommend our model 357 trap.)

‚ÄčNon Poisonous Rodent Trapping Solutions


You Don't Need A Better Trap, You Need Better Bait!